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Lesson 7: What can we tell others about TBI?

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The goal of this lesson is for students to integrate what they have learned about TBI during the unit and present an idea that relates to the treatment or prevention of TBI. As a class, the students contribute pages that review concepts from the unit in a class zine (pronounced zeen, as in ‘magazine’).  The lesson is done in two parts. In Part A, students are introduced to zines, and they spend time brainstorming what they want to include in their zine and how they will put it together.  Students are then given time to develop their chapter of the class zine. (This may be done as in-class work or homework. Students may require multiple days to complete their zine chapter.) Then, in Part B of the lesson, students evaluate their peers’ zine chapters by looking for content accuracy, clarity, and coherence of the ideas presented. In the end, the class can present their combined product to inform others in the school about TBI. The class can also go to a community event (on Brain Awareness Day, for example) to hand out their zines.

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Nov 5, 2014

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