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Lesson 7: If it's harmful, why do we use it?

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Through this lesson, students learn a historical perspective of why BPA is present in our society and investigate the different positions of those vested in regulating (or not) the use of BPA.  First, students read various news articles highlighting the debate over the use of BPA, from the perspective of the mass media.  Then, they are placed in “expert groups” where they take on a specific role and conduct research to determine that particular role’s position on the use of BPA.  Once these groups have developed a position statement, or research statement, students jigsaw to form a new group with a member of each role represented, similar to a Congressional Panel who takes each position into account before making a decision to regulate a toxicant.  Based on the information presented, this new group will have to decide whether or not BPA should be regulated and explain why based on evidence and reasoning presented in the research reports.  Students then reflect on “what changes our minds about a particular substance?” using what they have learned throughout the toxicant unit.

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Sep 5, 2014

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