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Lesson 5: What are the effects of drugs on the nervous system?

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Students continue their investigation into how drugs “change the mind” by examining how drugs affect the nervous system.  They make connections to Lessons 3 and 4, where they investigated model organisms’ responses to drugs. In lesson 5, students continue learning about organisms’ potential responses to drugs through observing what happens to humans undergoing a “sweat test.”  This “sweat test” introduces students to the sympathetic nervous system, and how drugs might influence the test. Students continue learning about the nervous system through a series of readings on the different parts and functions of the nervous system.  Using a jigsaw strategy, students discuss how certain drugs can affect the nervous system, specifically caffeine, alcohol, and sugar.  The lesson concludes with a discussion on how drugs affect the nervous system and how this connects to neurons, the cells that make up the nervous system.

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Sep 11, 2014

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