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Lesson 5: How do microbes interact with humans?

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In this lesson, students are introduced to the various microbial communities that live within and on humans. With a video introduction to the human microbiome by microbiologist Bonnie Bassler, students discover the diverse and numerous microbes that call our body “home” and how much there is yet to discover about human-microbe interactions. In the lesson’s main activity, students begin by developing initial models of how they think a certain microbial community interacts with a specific body part or process. They then work in “expert” groups to read articles and analyze data pulled from current scientific research that describe that specific human-microbe interaction. After each group analyzes their specific reading and data, students get into “jigsaw” groups to synthesize information and develop a model that represents their collective knowledge of the human microbiome.

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Aug 20, 2014

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