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Lesson 4: Where are toxicants and how much are we exposed?

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This lesson introduces students to the ways in which they are exposed to toxicants in their daily lives. In the previous lessons, students learn about what defines a toxicant and how toxicants affect a variety of ecosystems. This lesson first introduces how we are exposed to environmental toxicants by asking students to evaluate how different media reported the results of a research study on BPA exposure (from eating soup from BPA-lined cans). Then, students learn about how their own exposure can be measured. They first create a dilution series using food coloring to build their skills in analyzing and interpreting dilution series data. Then, they determine the quantity of BPA in everyday products with a common biological assay, ELISA, that uses spectrophotometry. Students gain skills in the generation and use of a standard curve that requires the use of basic algebra.

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Feb 3, 2015

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