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Lesson 4: Tick tock...Broken clock

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In this lesson, students learn about the role played by DNA and proteins in the circadian cycle. Students also explore some of the scientific and diagnostic techniques used by doctors and researchers to diagnose and study circadian rhythm disorders. Using a case study format, students investigate the source of a fictional character’s sleeping problems. Students are presented with information that they must utilize to progress through four “checkpoints” throughout the course of the lesson. Each checkpoint gives student groups access to additional information based on current research regarding the nature of the patient's sleep difficulties. The students, who act as case investigators, review records collected by a hospital case investigation team to help solve the young man’s sleeping problems.

After completing all of the checkpoints in the order of their choosing, each group will regroup as possible “diagnoses” teams, where each group member gains in-depth knowledge of a possible diagnosis for the patient. Following this jigsaw, students return to their investigation teams to come to a final consensus on the patient’s diagnosis.

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Jan 2, 2013

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