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Lesson 3: How does a CT scan help diagnose TBI?

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In this lesson, students examine computed tomography (CT) scans of people with TBI and learn how to interpret these CT scans.  Through readings, a TBI case puzzle, and a segment of The Golden Hour game, students learn to identify the structures of the brain on a normal CT scan and compare them with the CT scans of TBI victims. They identify types of injury such as open head injury, diffuse axonal injury, and hematomas, as well as the loci of injury in the brain. Having identified the loci of injury, students revisit what they learned about functional roles of the different areas of the brain in order to predict the type of impairment or disorder that might be caused by the injury.

In Scenes 2 and 3 of The Golden Hour, a Project NEURON interactive computer game, students conduct a CT scan to diagnose the patient’s brain injury and then perform brain surgery to remove the hematoma. At the end of each scene, students make a recommendation for what the medical team should do next (the claim), provide evidence from their findings to support this claim, and provide reasoning for how the evidence supports their claim.

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Oct 20, 2014

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