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Lesson 1: What is traumatic brain injury?

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This lesson serves as the introduction to the “Why dread a bump on the head?” unit. Students are introduced to traumatic brain injury (TBI) through pictures and discussions that help them break down prior assumptions and begin to think about TBI from a scientific perspective. Through reading and discussion of news articles, students learn about the three classifications of TBI (mild, moderate and severe). Students then examine a hypothetical situation where they are the doctor on a brain injury case. Based on knowledge gained from the readings, they identify critical information they would collect about their patient in order to effectively assess their condition after a potential brain injury.

In the second half of the lesson, students play Scene 1 of The Golden Hour, a Project NEURON interactive computer game. Playing in the role of an advanced medical student, students go out with an emergency services medical team to respond to a bike accident in which the biker hit his head. Students learn how to check the patient’s vital signs and assess severity of the head injury and then record their findings in a report for the lead physician. Finally, synthesizing what they have learned, students make a recommendation of what the medical team should do next (a claim), provide evidence from their findings to support this claim, and provide reasoning for how the evidence supports their claim.


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Oct 20, 2014

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