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Lesson 1: What is a circadian rhythm?

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In this introductory lesson to the unit, students conduct an in-class survey to learn about the circadian rhythms and biological clocks of their peers. Using this survey, students identify the owls and the larks in their classroom. In addition, students look at two different Sleepiness Scales as a whole class and interpret the sleep-wake cycles of two people, looking at their sleepiness scales. In addition, they write or draw what they currently know about circadian rhythms and generate questions related to what they would like to know or learn about biological rhythmicity. The students will confirm or refute their ideas based on knowledge gained through a variety of activities and readings in later lessons of the unit. At the end of the lesson, they learn about some concepts related to circadian rhythms as they watch a video about Michel Siffre, a French scientist who studied his own circadian rhythm.

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Oct 30, 2013

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