University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

The Golden Hour game

NOTE: Due to the end of Flash, this game is currently unavailable. We are looking into options for reviving it. If you would like to help or be notified when this game is back, please email us at Thank you for your patience.

How well can you treat a patient and gain the acceptance of your medical team? In this game, you assume the role of a medical student who follows a patient with a traumatic brain injury. 

This game can be integrated into Lesson 1 through 3 of the larger Why dread a bump on the head? unit on the neuroscience of traumatic brain injury or as part of a "mini-curriculum" that surrounds only the game (see links to the curriculum units below). The lesson plans within the units provide an overview of the game, more information on how to play the game, and how it can be used in the classroom.