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Eye Construction Game

As part of the "Do you see what I see?" unit, students learn about different parts of the eye through various activities.

The objective of this game is to "build an eye" from the pieces you see below. We will give you the name of an eye structure, and you will try to identify it. Drag the structure into the black box, and repeat this process until you complete the eye. When you move your cursor over the different pieces, a description of it will appear in the black box. Use these descriptions to help you identify the correct parts.

This gel-like substance helps maintain the round shape of the eye. This protective layer of connective tissue forms the outermost layer of the eye. This thick fluid fills the space between the cornea and the lens and is constantly replenished. Filled with a network of blood vessels, this middle layer provides nourishment to many parts of the eye. This ring of muscle tissue pulls on the lens to change its shape. This is the only transparent portion of the eye's exterior, allowing light to pass into the lens. This circular structure can change shape to control the amount of light entering the eye. These fibers work together to move the eye within the eye socket. Containing over 1.2 million individual fibers, this is the primary connection between the eye and the brain. Using rod and cone photoreceptor cells, this innermost layer of the eye converts light into nerve impulses. This transparent sphere can change its shape to alter the focus of light projected onto the back of the eye.

The Eye

Construct a mammalian eye from the individual structures while learning about their functions. This activity can be used as an assessment or an alternative to a cow eye dissection.

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