University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Genomics for Teachers: Summer professional development workshop

April 25, 2014 - 12:30pm -- Logan H. Lauren

Participants may access workshop materials at

As part of an NIH-SEPA program and in collaboration with the Institute for Genomic Biology, we are offering a week-long summer teachers' workshop. Genomics for™ Teachers will help teachers connect cutting-edge genomics research at the University of Illinois to address core neuroscience and biology concepts in the National Science Education Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards.

Join us at the University of Illinois campus in Champaign, IL, to learn how you can bring cutting-edge genomic research into your classroom with curriculum materials that connect to the work of University of Illinois scientists. Plus, discover why honey bees work together and how microbes changed the tree of life. At the workshop, you will attend brown bag seminars with scientists, experience the units as a teacher and student, and be part of a regional and national teacher community!

Find additional information here or feel free to distribute the flyer below.